Replaying Japan 2018: Schedule, Accommodation and Directions



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The Schedule is as follows:


9.00 Welcome

9.30-11:00 PANEL: MUSIC 1

Alex Wade Accelerate Your Mind: The Soundscapes of Pac-Man

Timothy Summers The Music of Mother (1989) and the Powerful Aesthetic of Naiveté

Martin Picard The media ecology of video game music in Japan

(Moderator: James Newman)


Aki Nakamura Comparative Case Studies on China’s Pan-Entertainment practices and its adaptation of Japanese entertainment companies

Stefan Bruckner Examining Differences in German and Japanese Player Experience: A Grounded Theory Approach

Tomás Grau Mukokuseki and ludic traditions: a problematization of the interpretation processes of Japanese videogames

(Moderator: Geoffrey Rockwell)

12:30-14:00 LUNCH


Shuji Wantabe The Design technique to misunderstand as self-creation and self-growth for questions

Juhyung Shin, Yehang Jiang, Mitsuyuki Inaba Constructing Multicultural Learning Environment and Collaborative Serious Games in Metaverse

(Moderator: Aki Nakamura)

15:30-17:00 PANEL: PLATFORMS

Kieran Nolan JAMMA Arcade Platform: Interface Constraints and Aesthetic Affordances

Mikhail Fiadotau Digging into the Game Engine: A Selective Archaeology of Hobbyist Game Development in Japan

(Moderator: Martin Roth)

17:00 Keynote: Masaya Matsuura


9:00-10:30 PANEL: MUSIC 2

Jason Bradshaw The Golden Age of JRPG Music: MIDI Masterpieces

Hiroshi Yoshida Early History of Epistemic Sounds in Digital Games

Konstantin Freybe The Singing Chat Of “OuterHeaven”


Nathan Altice Four Ways to Play in Hell: Makaimura Board Games in Translation

Keiji Amano, Geoffrey Rockwell Gambling as Play: the Case of Pachinko

Fanny Barnabe Twitch Plays Pokémon: Reappropriation as a Fictional and Playful Matrix

(Moderator: Martin Picard)


Peter Mühleder, Tracy Hoffmann, Konstantin Freybe, André Lahmann, Florian Rämisch, Martin Roth and Leander Seige Tales of doing Research with Video Game Fan Databases: A data-driven Approach

Yuhsuke Koyama The birth of JRPG and its own evolution

Martin Roth The spatiality of videogame production in Japan

Akito Inoue Making Local video game history index

(Moderator: Kazufumi Fukuda)

13:30-14:30 LUNCH

14.30 Tour of the National Videogame Arcade

16:00 Keynote: David Wise

18:00 Conference Dinner

Note: Please ensure you have booked your place on the conference dinner when you register your attendance at the conference. 


9:30-11:00 MUSIC 3

Akinori Ito, Koji Mikami, Ken-ichiro Ito A Practice Report on Development of Game Audio Research Method at Tokyo University of Technology

Yutaka Makabe A Practice of Creative Music Making Education Using Synthesizer Software on Handheld Game Console

(Moderator: Tim Summers)


Laura Iseut L. St-Martin Dark Souls: Narrative, players, interpretations

Philipp Klueglein The Design and Reception of Characters in Japanese Free- to-Play Games

Hitomi Mohri, Kazufumi Fukuda, Koichi Hosoi Research on User’s Information Needs of Video Game Resources for Subject Access

Rachael Hutchinson From Karate Champ to Tekken: Nation and Narration in Fighting Games

(Moderator: Mitsuyuki Inaba)

13:00 LUNCH

14:00 Demos and Posters

Sayaka Yoshida, Shuji Watanabe Proposal of gamification to make tidy up happily

Shosaku Takeda Level design learning by the story

Takahiro Tsuda, Shuji Watanabe Game Play Middleware “Park Computer” for create a new experience of playing digital games integrating inputs

Shinya Saito, Shuji Watanabe, Shosaku Takeda, Kazutoshi Iida, Seiki Okude Development on the Authoring and Playable Platform Based on Omnidirectional Image Data

15:00 Closing remarks and thank you!


We are also delighted to announce the keynote speakers for Replaying Japan 2018.

Donkey Kong Country and The Snake Pass composer David Wise provides a composer commentary on these titles, featuring Yamaha Electronic Toms, EWI and a range of other electronic instruments. David Wise is famous for his association with Nintendo, via Rare, The Donkey Kong Country Series, Diddy Kong Racing and Starfox Adventures. David Wise Sound Studios and Music Publishing is David’s latest venture, allowing him to continue to compose music and create sound design, primarily for Video Games and Digital Media.

Through Music and Words, legendary composer Masaya Matsuura will explore his work as one of the pioneers of the rhythm action genre (creating works such as Parappa the Rapper, Vib Ribbon and others.) This will build upon the fantastically successful and inspirational sessions he gave at the All Your Bass Music Festival in January 2018 and GameCity festival in 2009.

Replaying Japan will this year be hosted by the National Videogame Arcade, Nottingham, UK. The conference will take place from 20 to 22 August.

Discounted accommodation is available through the St. James Hotel, please quote ‘game city’ when making your booking for this to apply.

The St James Hotel is located in central Nottingham,  a short walk from the National Videogame Arcade.

Please note that attendees are encouraged to book accommodation as soon as possible due to increased demand resulting from a cricket test-match taking place in the city on the week of 20th August.

Please find the St James Hotel website here:


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