Replaying Japan 2018: Keynote Speakers and Accommodation and Directions



Replaying Japan is now open for bookings!

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We are also delighted to announce the keynote speakers for Replaying Japan 2018.

Donkey Kong Country and The Snake Pass composer David Wise provides a composer commentary on these titles, featuring Yamaha Electronic Toms, EWI and a range of other electronic instruments. David Wise is famous for his association with Nintendo, via Rare, The Donkey Kong Country Series, Diddy Kong Racing and Starfox Adventures. David Wise Sound Studios and Music Publishing is David’s latest venture, allowing him to continue to compose music and create sound design, primarily for Video Games and Digital Media.

Through Music and Words, legendary composer Masaya Matsuura will explore his work as one of the pioneers of the rhythm action genre (creating works such as Parappa the Rapper, Vib Ribbon and others.) This will build upon the fantastically successful and inspirational sessions he gave at the All Your Bass Music Festival in January 2018 and GameCity festival in 2009.

Replaying Japan will this year be hosted by the National Videogame Arcade, Nottingham, UK. The conference will take place from 20 to 22 August.

Discounted accommodation is available through the St. James Hotel, please quote ‘game city’ when making your booking for this to apply.

The St James Hotel is located in central Nottingham,  a short walk from the National Videogame Arcade.

Please note that attendees are encouraged to book accommodation as soon as possible due to increased demand resulting from a cricket test-match taking place in the city on the week of 20th August.

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