HAYAO NAKAYAMA Foundation for Science & Technology and Culture

Expression of Gratitude and Collaboration with HAYAO NAKAYAMA Foundation for Science & Technology and Culture


I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to extend my heartfelt gratitude to the generous support of the HAYAO NAKAYAMA Foundation for Science & Technology and Culture  for sponsoring the wonderful venue and facilities at Nagoya University of Arts for our upcoming international conference.

As seen in our recent presentations, research on digital games in Japan and Japanese-made games has been steadily advancing, thanks to the outstanding contributions of researchers from around the world. Nevertheless, obtaining funding for research in the field of “games” still presents challenges.

In this context, the Nakayama Foundation stands out as one of the few organizations that actively promotes research grants in various fields with a central focus on “games” and “play.” Our research center’s members have previously received valuable support from experienced researchers at the Foundation across a wide range of projects, catering to both seasoned experts and young talents.

Therefore, it brings me great joy to announce that our international conference has also received support from the Nakayama Foundation. This opportunity is of paramount importance, as we enter an era where we are significantly accelerating our progress towards “Web3” or “Society5.0.” Digital games, which provide an accessible gateway to cutting-edge technologies, play a pivotal role in this journey. Consequently, studies on the mechanisms and human behavior influenced by “games” have become more critical than ever.

We, at our research center, view this funding as the first step in fostering a collaborative relationship with the Nakayama Foundation and strive to build on this partnership further.

Together, let us continue our efforts to accelerate the implementation of “digital games” into society.


Aki Nakamura Ph.D

Director/Ritsumeikan Center for Game Studies